What to Wear There: American Idol Auditions

“When words fail, music speaks.”

-Henry David Thoreau

I have always had a love of music, looking through our family home videos, it’s clear to see that I thought that every moment was a time to sing and shine. As a college student I decided to pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism, rather than singing, but have found ways to keep music in my life. Through the occasional gig, jamming with friends, or singing with my crazy yet loving acapella group Noteworthy, I am still able to enjoy singing and making music.

Upon graduating from High School I decided to fulfill a pipe dream that had been in the works for quite sometime. I grabbed one of my best friends and headed to Gillette stadium to audition for American Idol.

Two rounds later I made it all the way to see the judges in my home city of Boston, MA.

Although I didn’t make it to Hollywood, and it was a bit of a heart break, it was still a great experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. With American Idol starting up Season 11 I figured a post on how to dress for Idol would be a fun distraction from my growing pile of homework.

So you have your song, and now it’s time to pick an outfit! Your outfit is critical, maybe not so much as your song choice, but the judges will see your clothes and overall image before you can even say your name. Plus no one wants to look bad on national television! So here are some tips on what to avoid, and some sample outfits to help you get to Hollywood!

Tips on What NOT to Wear

  • Don’t wear anything with labels. More likely than not the producers will put tape on your shirt or make you turn it inside out, and no one would want that!
  • Wear something that you feel comfortable in. You’ll likely be sitting for a great deal of time, and sitting in a skin tight dress for hours isn’t fun for anyone.
  • Avoid clothes that will wrinkle, show sweat, or need a lot of adjusting.
  • Pick an outfit that you truly love and feel wonderful in. Aside from boosting your confidence, what you DONT see on TV, is that there are four or so rounds before the one televised round with the famous judges. Each time you are asked to wear the same outfit that you wore from the start, because they will occasionally pull video from those earlier rounds (they used video of me Irish Step Dancing in the second round).
  • Choose pieces that are not distracting. While image matters, the judges want to hear your voice, and your clothes can give you a leg up or a giant step back.

Sample Outfits

Outfit Number One:

Get this Look!

This outfit is for the “girly girl” types like myself, who go in singing Sara Barielles or something of that nature. I chose a flowery frock that won’t look too busy on camera but will give a sweet vibe.

Outfit Number Two:

Get this Look!

For this look the black dress is the key, simply because it is simple, yet stylish and can be accessorized anyway you choose. I love the idea of picking a bright color, such as pink, which would compliment your skin tone to add a bit of a pop to your overall look!

Outfit Number Three:

Get this Look!

This look is a more laid-back look, featuring jeans a pair of amazing sneakers. This outfit could also go a bit country with some boots or edgier with rough accessories.

Outfit Number Four: 

Get this Look!

This last look is something that I couldn’t pull off my wildest dreams, however this outfit is for the girl who can belt any 80’s power ballad. From the leather trousers to the motorcycle inspired boots this look screams edgy yet refined.

Did you tune in to American Idol’s first auditions for Season 11? Would you ever think of trying out? Which of these outfits would you wear? Comment Below!


3 thoughts on “What to Wear There: American Idol Auditions

  1. This is such a creative idea, to post about what to wear to auditions! So cool that you made it past several rounds, you look so cute in your yellow dress 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this! It helped me out a ton. I have a question though… I’m auditioning for my city’s talent show. I think I’m either going to sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera or Honetown Glory by Adele. What kind of outfit would you wear for those songs? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  3. Paula-

    Thanks so much for your comment, and I hope my post helped a bit! For your audition, I would suggest dressing like yourself! Instead of focusing your style solely on the song, try to stay true to what you like to wear for special occasions. For those two songs, maybe keep the look a bit simple, so that you can truly shine! I’ve made a polyvore set, with two cute but simple outfits that will hopefully provide inspiration! Good luck, and break a leg 🙂 xo. Sparkle on and Wear Bows! http://www.polyvore.com/christina_adele/set?id=45434345

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