Trendy Tuesday: Snow Boots from Day to Night!

While I was complaining the week before Christmas, due to a lack of snow, this week I have had just about enough of the fluffy white stuff. The hardest part of going to school in a place where the weather gets icky, is creating looks to wear out at night, with the snow boots you wear during the day.

I used to be that girl, the girl who would wear flats regardless of the weather because they looked cute, and that was all that matters. Several ruined shoes, and episodes of freezing feet later, I’m singing a different tune. From classes to a night in the city, read on to learn how to wear boots for any occasion!

To start find yourself a cute pair of snow boots.

There are a variety of cute boots on the market this winter season! Yet it can be a bit overwhelming trying to combine functionality, while still looking fashionable. For more information on trendy boots, click here for an earlier Trendy Tuesday’s post!

For Day

For cute daytime looks with snow boots, I would go towards casual but cute.

Outfit Number One:

Get the Look!

This look features a pair of adorable red snow boots. These boots would pair perfectly with a pair of tights, gray skirt, and a matching red striped sweater.

Outfit Number Two:

Get the Look!

For those of you who would rather wear pants in the winter, this look is for you! These desert inspired booties, go great with a pair of dark wash jeans, a comfy gray tee and a flannel!

For Night

When looking for boots to wear out at night, I personally tend to lean towards black. Black allows you to match with virtually anything, blend into the overall outfit, and gives more of a nighttime vibe.

Outfit Number One:

Get This Look!

These sorel boots, would look great with a pair of leather leggings, a gold shimmery top, all wrapped up in a faux fur vest. For an edgier look at some funky earrings or chunky bracelets!

Outfit Number Two:

Get the look!

This look is a bit more casual, and uses a brown boot as it’s base. The boots go perfectly with this adorable coat/dress from Modcloth! For accessories go with maroon tights, and other ‘country’ or rustic accessories.

Do you have any tips on how to wear your winter boots? Did you like the boots in this post? Which outfit was your favorite? Comment below!

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