Four Fashion Trends to Wear in the Winter and Into Spring!

I hate fashion shows. Scratch that I love fashion shows, but due to the nature of the fashion business, designers are releasing their drool worthy spring collections as I’m shivering in my snow boots. So this week’s Trendy Tuesday Post features four fashion trends that you can wear now, and into the Spring!

Trench Coat Dress

DKNY created this lovely dress, which is the offspring of a sheath dress and a trenchcoat! This dress is perfect for those slushy winter nights or watery spring days!

Winter and Spring Trench Coat
For the spring, pair this dress with a fun pair of pumps and earrings! As for the winter, add some maroon tights, gray boots, gray cardigan and a scarf for warmth!

Pastel Colors

Winter and Spring Pastels

Pastel colors were a huge hit this past year, and are perfect for both the winter and the spring! This dress from Modcloth is such a cute pastel purple, which when paired with tights, a black cardigan and pumps will be perfect for the winter! As for the spring, try lavender colored accessories, and some lavender pumps like these adorable ones from Steve Madden!

Tango Tangerine

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your Spring wardrobe, look no further! The Pantone Institutes color of the year is Tangerine Tango, a bright orange to give you and your wardrobe a bit of a boost.

Tango Tangerine

This color will get you noticed, especially this fun short dress from Oasis, combines this fun pigment with a mod silhouette. As for winter, pair this dress with tights, boots, a scarf and you’ll be good to go!

Slouchy Sweater

Ah the slouchy sweater, a way to look cute without appearing to try ‘too hard’.

Crochet of All Seasons
For the winter, try a cute crochet sweater like this black and white one from ASOS. Pair with jeans, a bow, and two toned oxfords for a cute and cozy look! For the spring try this sweater with some high waisted shorts, a belt and some woven brown oxfords!
Have you been buying any clothes for the spring? What do you think about these trends? Which look is your favorite? Let me know below!  

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