What Will I Make Wednesday: Wall Art Fun Letters

As a college student with an off campus apartment, I am constantly looking for ways to spruce up my living space. Living in an apartment, I’m not allowed to paint the walls, put nails in them, etc. which can really damper a girl’s creativity! Yet one of my New Year’s goals is to spruce up my apartment, and after seeing this photo from Elsie, at A Beautiful Mess, I was inspired. Read on to see how I turned a poster board into a work of art!

Elsie, aside from running a lovely vintage store and fashion blog, also had a stunning wedding. She posted this photo from her reception.

Photo Credit

As soon as I saw this photo I envisioned this phrase above a white decorative birdcage that I purchased a few weeks ago.

While Elsie’s letters look to be covered in fabric, I decided to use some materials I had lying around the house to recreate her fun letters!

Materials for this Project

  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Stencils (if desired)
  1. To start I printed out large letters from the computer to use as a reference for my letters. For those of you who own stencils or wish to trace the letters that will also work.
  2. Next using the markers I colored each letter a different pattern, color or theme. This was so much fun coming up with different patterns!
                 3. Lastly using scissors I cut out the letter making sure to keep the black out line.
Here is what the letters look like before I cut them out. I’ll be sure to post a photo of what the letter look like on my wall when I move back in later this week!
Here is the look of the final product!
Here’s the birdy, I think it likes the new lettering!
Do you have any quotes that you would like to turn into wall art? Have any suggestions for fun do it yourself wall art? Let me know!

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