How to Put Together a Cute Outfit in Ten Minutes or Less!

We’ve all been there, the time that your alarm clock doesn’t go off, that your best friend is in need of a starbucks date, or you’re just in a plain hurry and you have no idea what to wear! I’ve been there more times that I would like to think, but over the years I’ve learned to stick to three key formulas for a cute and polished look in under ten minutes!


Ah, dresses. My closet is full of dresses because they’re all very different, fun and super easy to slip on! In the winter months I usually pair my dresses with a pair of tights, typically black, which is a super easy formula to follow.

Dress and Tights

These two looks show that this can be worn in winter, as well as summer! The winter look includes this Modcloth frock, with a pair of dark navy tights, a navy cardigan and a pair of lace up oxfords. For the warmer weather looks, try this dress also from Modcloth with knee socks, oxfords and a tan sweater!


Scarves and Sweaters!

This formula is super easy to follow, and easy to add your own personal flair to! Start with a pair of pants, sweater like the one above with a scarf draped over the neck. The scarf can truly change a look, through the type of scarf, the color, pattern and how you wear it. This look is perfect for the rainy days when you want to look cozy but not lazy.

Jeans+Basic Tee+Cardigan and Slip on Shoes

Toms and Polished
This look features a pair of boyfriend jeans, a loose t shirt and a cardigan. For shoes try a pair of red TOMS!
What do you think of these formulas? Do you have any formulas for getting ready quick? Share them below!

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