Fashion Inspired by Mary Margaret Blanchard, from Once Upon A Time

This is my second post focusing on the fashion from Once Upon a Time, and due to the response from the first post, I have decided to go a bit more in-depth with each character’s unique personal style. This post will be focusing on the adorable and preppy style of Mary Margaret Blanchard.

About Mary Margaret:

  • Mary Margaret Blanchard is the sweet, and loving elementary school teacher in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine.
  • Yet in the world of fairy tale characters she is Snow White.
  • Her last name “Blanchard” means white in French, which is a reference to her true name as Snow White.
  • She is a believer in true love, yet struggles to find hope due to the Queen’s curse.
  • She enjoys hot chocolate with her cinnamon.

Coffee Casual

This is such a cute and candid photo of Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret. Her outfit is casual and super easy to put together!

Mary Margaret Cute for Coffee
This look features a pair of brown pants, a white top and a lighter brown sweater. For outwear, try this adorable blue coat from Modcloth. Top off the look with a pair of brown oxfords and a coffee cup!
Winter Warm
It must be getting cooler in Storybrooke! Mary Margaret’s off white coat and hat pair perfectly with her peach pleated dress!
To achieve this look I found a fun peach colored dress with pleats from H&M, that pairs with off white tights, and these cut out oxfords. For a coat a chose a 1960’s style with a peter pan collar, and topped the look off with a fun 1920’s-esque hat.
Rustic and Cute
I simply adore this outfit, from the patterned skirt to the white top, Mary Margaret looks simple and refined.
While Mary Margaret may have forgotten her true identity, but her clothes tend to include blues and in this case a bit of yellow, two colors associated with Snow White. For this look try a patterned skirt with a white blouse, and brown skinny belt. For shoes I love these yellow oxfords that match with the yellow in the skirt, and for accessories stick to gold simple pieces.
Now from you, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Which look is your favorite? Are you a fan of Once Upon a Time? Is there a particular character I should feature next?

18 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired by Mary Margaret Blanchard, from Once Upon A Time

  1. Nyliskye, I love your jewelry line! Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks so much Christine! I’m so glad that you’re blog is up! Maybe we can do a post on Korean fashion designers or fashion ads? 🙂

  2. Love this blog, great job. Does anyone know the designer of the white bow sweater Mary Margaret was wearing in Sunday’s episode?

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  4. I am very interested in all the knit fashions that are worn by Mary Margeret. Her adorable little cardigan sweaters and her knit caps!! Who designs them?? Can i find patterns somewhere??

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  6. Hi Thais Basso!
    I’m so glad you liked my post, and it was great to see your take on Mary Margaret’s style! I especially love the shoes and the necklace you chose. Can’t wait to see your other posts !

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