Saturday Steal? or Deal?

My goodness, it has been one mild winter! Today was a toasty 60 degrees, and I wore a sweater without a jacket in the beginning of January! So when shopping in the next few months, it’ll be important to look out for pieces that you can wear now and later in the spring! Read on for this week’s steal or splurge? picks that you can wear now and later!
The Steal- Old Navy Crochet Sweater $11
Crochet Sweater
This week’s steal rings up at just $11! The crochet sweater was an extremely popular trend this winter season that can easily be translated into warmer weather.
For Winter
To wear this sweater in the spring, pair it with a pair of dark jeans, a sweater, patterned scarf and a pair of brown boots. This look is perfect for layering, and switching up the accessories for a different look every time you wear it!
For Spring
I love the look of neutral outfits for warmer weather, and this sweater pairs perfectly with a pair of tan shorts, and multi colored oxfords.
The Splurge- Sheer Blouse $410
Sheer was another big trend this past fall season that due to the lightness of the fabric, can easily be worn into the Spring season!
For Winter
For winter wear pair the blouse with a pair of dark wash jeans, neutral flats and a tan colored cape!
For Spring
To bring the top into spring pair the blouse with a two toned color skirt, for a bit of color blocking. Stick to coral and peach accessories like the peep toe heels and messenger bag!
Do you have any fashion pieces that can tie over into the spring? Which of these looks were your favorite? Comment Below!

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