Trendy Tuesday: Rockabilly takes Spring 2012

Break out the eyeliner, hot rollers and bobby pins. Rockabilly fashion has experienced a comeback in Spring’s runways, but this trend is more than just a passing fashion fad. Read on to find out more about this iconic look!

During the 1950’s the youth of America embraced the sounds of rockabilly music and adopted the look, that has managed to survive decades. Rockabilly is a true love of the music, retro fashion and cars of the decade that inspired it. While some may view this as a passing trend, for me it is a true love of the 1950’s culture.

How to achieve the perfect Rockabilly look

  • Stick to a black, red and white color scheme. This palette screams 1950’s.
  • Look for interesting patterns such as leather jackets, gingham skirts, crepe soled shoes and vintage jeans.
  • Invest in wayfarer sunglasses or knock offs of the same shape.
  • Try a pair of saddle shoes to add a preppy edge!


 Rockabilly in Red

Rockabilly Red
Using a simple red turtleneck and black pencil skirt, this look soars straight out of the 50’s! For accessories try a leather bag for a tough look, saddle shoes with a bit of a kitten heel and a red hair tie to go with your pompadour!
Polka Dot Rockabilly
Rockabilly Polka dots
This dress is just too cute! From the polka dots to the silhouette, this dress is perfect for any aspiring rockabilly. To match the belt try some orange flats and some black tights for a more modern look.
Rockabilly with a bit of a Cheetah
Cheetah Rockabilly
This outfit is certainly the edgiest of the three, with tapered pants, and a loose fitting tank. To add a splash try a faux cheetah coat, red bandana head bank and these amazing two tone pumps!
Do you like the Rockabilly vibe? Which of the three outfits were your favorite? Comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Trendy Tuesday: Rockabilly takes Spring 2012

  1. Excellent post and inspiration boards! My favourite is the first one as I think it’s the more versatile and easy to wear in everyday situations as well as having that awesome rockabilly inspiration. The colours are also great on almost everyone, they’re smart but standout too. I have to say that I just love the dress in no:2 as well though! 🙂

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