Inspired by: Christmas and Holiday Movies

Every year my family has a list of must watch Christmas movies. This list includes but is not limited to, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Elf, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and the list goes on and on. Read on to see how you can achieve these whimsical holiday looks!

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: Hermey

Oh Hermey, the elf who enjoyed fixing doll’s teeth more than making toys! Hermey dressed like his fellow elves in Santa’s workshop but his look is a fun way to feminize masculine pieces.

Hermey the Elf

To match Hermes blue coat, try a blue blazer like the one from Sparkle and Fade pictured above. Skip the elf hat and curled toe shoes and instead wear red pants, a white peter pan collared shirt, black belt and black ankle booties and you’ll be ready to make toys, or pull teeth!

It’s a Wonderful Life: Donna Reed

This film is one of my Mom’s favorites, as she adores the black and white sappy yet heart warming story. Personally, this movie is not one of my favorites, but I love Donna Reed’s frilly and romantic style.

Inspired by It's a Wonderful Life
This dress is a very modern take on Donna’s frilly tiered dress seen in the picture above. The color, fabric and silhouette of the dress are an updated look of Donna’s feminine and doily style. To match the neutral palette of the dress, try satin shoes with embellishments and neutral earrings and a cocktail ring.

Elf: Zooey Deschanel  

Aside from her rendition of ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’, Zooey’s blue eyed, blonde haired look almost charmed me into thinking that dressing like an elf looked, well normal.

Zooey Deschanel in Elf

While Zooey’s uniform/costume in the movie features both red and green, the color combo can be tough to pull off. Instead try a fun red dress like this one from Modcloth and pair it with green statement jewelry. You’ll look Christmas-y, but in a classy way.

The Holiday: Cameron Diaz

While this movie is not a true Christmas classic, Cameron Diaz’s style is just too cute to not cover!

Inspired by the Holiday
In The Holiday, Cameron’s character is all about the neutrals. From a tan fur coat, a beige sweater dress, and all the beige and brown accessories, her style looked effortless and classy.
Love Actually: Martine McCutcheon
Oh, what a movie! This is my go to flick whenever I’m snowed in or too lazy to go anywhere. From the great cast and storyline to the clothes, this movie is one of my favorites.
This look is not only seasonal, but super functional as the main piece is a long red coat. This coat is a similar style and cut as the one seen in the film and pairs perfectly with black jeans and a red top!

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

The Peanut’s Classic Christmas movie has been a staple in my Christmas season for as long as I can remember. My Mom still gets teary eyed every time Linus recites the Gospel of Luke during their Christmas pageant! While the Peanut gang doesn’t change their wardrobes too much for the movie, I still thought that I would feature a few outfits inspired by them.


Snoopy flies high on his dog house as he battles the Red Baron. This outfit is a simple ivory dress, with a red scarf, ivory tights, black pumps and a brown bomber hat.
Charlie Brown’s therapist is always rocking the blue dress and two toned shoes.
Charlie Brown
Everyone’s favorite pessimist is always wearing his black shorts and yellow chevron patterned sweater.
Do you have a favorite Holiday movie? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know!

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