Saturday: Steal? or Splurge?

So the semester is winding down and with Christmas around the corner it’s time to party! Yet party attire for the holiday season can start to ring up fast. This week’s steal or splurge, will feature a variety of dresses for under $100, along with the dresses I could never afford but love to pretend I can.

Tips for saving money this Holiday Party Season

  • Look for dresses that you can reuse and re-wear again. There is nothing more pointless than a dress that you will wear for one single occasion, unless it’s your wedding or you’re receiving an Oscar. Look for dresses that can be changed through accessories, such as jewelry or shoes.
  • Get together with your girlfriends and trade dresses for the holidays. This can save money while still looking cute!
  • When it comes to getting some bling for your hands and neck, try costume jewelry! It’s affordable so you can afford to buy a new ring that matches your dress perfectly!

Sparkle and Shine

I like Glitter and Sparkly Dresses
I know that I have already done several posts on sparkly dresses, but I can’t really help myself. The holidays are a time for sparkles and lights, so what better way than to wear it in a dress! These dresses are all different styles, some are contour dresses, while others half tight bodices and loose skirts. The classic black dress with glitter is a fun way to spice up the LBD, but colorful sparkles are guaranteed to garner attention!
Red-y to Party!
Nothing says Christmas quite like a crimson dress! These dresses are fun and flirty, and come in a variety of styles. So wether you’re looking to cover up, or show off with a cutout dress, there is a selection for you! Pairing these dresses with black tights, or with nude tights will make a splash at any holiday soiree.
Peter Pan Pretty
Peter Pan collar dresses are perfect for any holiday party. These dresses are cute and trendy, yet don’t show so much skin that you’re grandmother wants to cry. Much like the other dresses, there are a variety of styles and fabric choices to choose from. This can make your dress casual or dressy, it’s all up to you!
Little Black Dress
Since Holly Golightly appeared in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the little black dress has become a fashion staple. This is a positive, as the dress you buy will most likely remain in ‘style’ for seasons to come. The drawback to a LBD, is that it can be boring and overdone. Yet by mixing up the choice of fabric with options such as velvet, or by adding embellishments, your LBD will make you look chic and trendy.
The Splurge
One of my weird internet pastime rituals, is to shop on Polyvore and create outfits of things that I can not afford. The set above features some of my favorite dresses that I would love to wear to any holiday party. The first dress is a pale pink with black polka dots, dress by Charles Anastase. This dress is well out of my budget at $1,360 dollars, but would look adorable with those blush Steve Madden pumps! The next dress is another polka dotted dress by Karen Millen, which would go so well with the BCBG pumps and black diamond earrings. The red Eileen Kirby dress is stunning, and would be fun with a pair of gray Yves Saint Laurent pumps and a matching cocktail ring. Lastly is the neutral Valentino bow dress, which goes perfect with a pair of Kirt Geiger neutral pumps. While these dresses are well out of my budget they sure are beautiful to look at.
Will you be wearing a sequined frock this holiday season? Or maybe a lace cocktail dress? Comment below!

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