What Will I Make Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

So this week is the finale of the semester, however between exams and projects I have decorated my apartment for the Christmas and holiday season. Decorating has always been my favorite part of going to college. Having my own space, and being able to decorate it anyway I want, can be a bit dangerous.


My freshmen year, my roommate’s and I took a trip to the local Walmart to purchase a slightly broken tree and some dollar store ornaments. We then hung garland around the walls, and covered the ceiling in paper snowflakes.

So this year, I broke out all of the holiday decorations I have accumulated over the years. And here is the final result!

My roomie and I, are both in Noteworthy, Emerson College’s Acappella group. Our group’s sort of ‘signature’ is a red chuck. At the beginning of the year I used the free online rasterbator to create a fun picture for over our dinner table. This year I wrapped the picture with red garland.

Even the Beatles are getting into the holiday spirit!


How do you decorate for the holidays? Feel free to share and tips or tricks!


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