Trendy Tuesday: Fun Fur

Now I’m going to start by saying that personally I am a huge advocate of faux fur. There is no harm to animals, and it is  generally cheaper but still keeps you cozy. This trend has been around for over year, and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mischa Barton, and Rachel Zoe, show that this trend can be adapted to any style!

Some tips when looking for your purfect fur

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!)

  • If you’re a bit nervous to jump into this trend, try using faux fur accessories or accents on coats and dresses to see if this trend is for you.
  • A benefit of faux fur is the cost, try looking at trendy places such as forever 21, or even places like Eddie Bauer for a new fur piece.
  • Look for full fabric, if you can see through any sections of the faux fur, skip the piece and move onto the next.
  • Fur comes in a variety of colors, and patterns. If you’re looking for something to match with things you already own, go with a solid color. However if you’re feeling a bit daring go for a bold animal print, such as leopard!
  • Faux fur vests were all the rage this fall season, yet can sometimes make you appear bulky. To remedy this try a belt or ribbon to define a waist or shape.

Cute Country Fur

Country Casual Fur
This outfit takes a faux fur vest and using some basic wardrobe essentials creates a cozy country look. To layer underneath the vest, go with a basic white button up, blue jeans, brown boots, a gray scarf and hat. This look is perfect for being cozy and cute!

Sleek and Chic

Fun Fur
I love this outfit! I think that the pink is a pop of unexpected color and brings out a nice tone in the fur vest. To match try a pair of dark wash jeans, and light sand colored wedge booties. For accessories keep with the blush tones, with a blush purse and some sparkly flower earrings.
Lovely Lace
Fur Coat and Dress
This last look was inspired by Mishca Barton’s look, by pairing a rustic faux fur with a lace dress it will make the look soft yet edgy. The lavender dress pairs well with black tights, booties, and for a fun twist try a detachable black lace collar.
What do you think? Do you own any faux fur pieces?

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