Inspired by Once Upon a Time

As my username implies, I’m a sucker for a good fairytale. But for all of you out there who think, fairytales? So over it? Think again. This show features the fantasy stories of childhood, with dark new plot twists, for one juicy and fun show. So to display my love of the show I wanted to feature the unique fashion of the characters, so let’s take a trip to Storybrooke, Maine!


Emma is the daughter of Snow White, and Prince Charming. Her parents saved her from an evil curse, by placing her inside a vessel tree, which sent her into the real world. She has lived a relatively normal life, but after her son Henry, whom she gave up for adoption, finds her in Boston, she arrives in Storybrooke. Upon her arrival everything starts to change, as she is the only person who can lift the curse over the town. Yet she isn’t quick to believe Henry’s stories or settle down just yet.

Emma has been the girl who can’t sit still. She jumped from place to place, job to job, and has never quite settled down. Her wardrobe is comprised of mostly basics, which shows her ability to throw on a t-shirt and run to the next thing.

Emma Once Upon a Time
For this look, Emma starts with a basic gray t-shirt and some blue jeans. For a pop of color, she pairs a red leather jacket with some brown lace up boots. Emma isn’t too much of a jewelry girl, but she does wear silver small hoop earrings.
Snow White
Snow White, is a storybook character that I was sure I knew. However this show gives a new side to the doe eyed princess, and shows how she is truly good to the core amidst the evilness of the Queen.
For Snow White’s Fairytale look, she donns a feathery frock as innocent as her name.
This is a fun short white cocktail dress for the holidays! To keep with the theme of snow and ice, I chose to go with some blue shoes, earrings and a fun cocktail ring.
In Storybrooke, Snow White is known as Miss Mary Margaret,  and is the elementary school teacher to Henry. She makes bird houses, reads to children, and visits sick patients at the town’s hospital. She is just too sweet! For her modern day look I went with the classic Snow White colors, with a white shirt, yellow skirt, blue cardigan and red shoes.
Madam Mayor: Regina
Regina, is also known as Madam Mayor, and is the only person in Storybrooke who has all of the memories of her previous life as the Evil Queen. She has been able to live in her created world, until Emma comes and shakes things up.

As the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina is always dressed for business. Here I chose a charcoal gray dress, with a black belt, pumps and gold and black stud earrings to show that she may look nice, but she has a dark side.

Madam Mayor

Who is your favorite character? Does your styles match any of the above?

*All Images seen in this post, belong to and are copyrighted to ABC

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