Thursday: Today I Wore

Now recently my friends and I, who occasionally play music under the name of Lady Snow and the Laser Bears, performed on our college’s morning talk show!

It was a ton of fun, waking up a bit early and getting to see students put on an amazing show. I decided to go shopping the day before in between my classes, and saw this lovely bright red dress from H&M, for $12.00. It was such a steal with a great color, and stood out nicely on camera, don’t you think?

For accessories I decided to keep it simple, and wear my favorite pearl earrings, ivory bow and polka dotted tights. For shoes I went with my beloved two toned wingtip flats. Below is a polyvore set, with a similar dress and outfit in case you wanted to emulate my look!Sing Song

Sing Song by snowwhite1317 featuring flats
If you would like to watch the episode, please click here ( The video and the photos in this post are screen shots and property of Good Morning Emerson.

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