Trendy Tuesday: Tis the Season to Sparkle

As the name of my blog implies I love two things, bows, and sparkles! When looking for a way to brighten up your holiday ensembles, sequins can go a long way. From accessories, to tops, to dresses, sparkles, when used the right way, can make you shine brighter than a Christmas tree.


Tis the Season to Sparkle! Dresses
Everyone should have a glittery dress for the winter months, and within these picks there is something for everyone. If you like tight fitting dresses the two dresses on the far left would be perfect for you! Both are covered in sequins and would be best matched with pumps in either black and silver. For earrings try something simple while sticking with the color palette. The light pink and the blue and black dress are very flowy, and would also pair well with earrings and shoes in like colors. The sleeveless white dress brings a bit of a 1960’s mod feeling in the silhouette and would look cute paired with two toned heels. The key with sparkly dresses is to keep the rest of the outfit chic, but not too sparkly. Too much sequins can make you look like a disco ball exploded on you.
Nail Polish
Sparkle Nail Polish
Now if you’re a bit nervous about adding sparkles a great way to start is with your nail polish. With a variety of different shades, and brands, there is a sparkly shade for you in any color and price point.
For the tops I decided to show how sparkles can be a bit demure, or used to accent a piece rather than covering the entire garment. In the look on the left, the sparkle is in the slightly gold sweater, which will pair well with a black body con skirt, tights and lace up booties. For jewelry you can add a bit more here since the sparkle isn’t too obvious, with the glittery bangled bracelet and black stud earrings. For the look on the right, the sparkles are embellishments on the sleeve and on the collar. To match the top I chose some black skinny jeans, white mary jane pumps and a fun set of sparkly rings and bow earring studs.
A few weeks ago, I was given an early Christmas present in the form of a glittery pair of TOMS shoes. They are just so cute and fun! Wearing sparkly shoes, can add shine to any outfit whether it is casual or dressy.
Do you own any glittery shoes or dresses? Would you wear one to a holiday party this season?

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