Trendy Tuesdays: Boots

Now I don’t know about you but it is a toasty 62 degrees here in Boston…I mean it’s almost December and I have yet to break out any type of boots! In a way I’m not complaining, I love warm weather but to get a head start on the cold that is sure to come here are some tips on different kinds of boots and what to wear them with!

Much like winter coats, boots are an investment. I would recommend skipping the Forever 21, Charolette Russe and Wetseal and go for a well made boot that can last you several seasons.

The Rain Boot

As far as New England weather goes, rain is a preferred alternative to snow. When searching for a rain boot look for something that is stylish but will keep your feet dry. There’s no sense in buying cute boots if you’ll be walking around in little puddles all day.

If you live in a particularly cold area with rain try some lined rain boots or boots that can be lined with tall socks.

Lined Rainboots

For the girl who wants her boots to match with everything try to find a solid color. Going with a solid black or a color that compliments your wardrobe like a bright red, will be beneficial.

rain Boots 2

If you’re more of a statement maker look for some fun patterns! Target always has some fun patterned boots (I’ve had my pair of target rain boots since I was a senior in high school!)


For those of you who want to keep your calfs just as warm as your feet try a pair of calf high boots!

For more info on how to look cute in the rain see my article here:

Snow Boots

It’s weird to almost reach December and not have snow on the ground, but I’m sure there is some frozen precipitation in the works. For snow boots, look for water proof seals and fur lining to assure both dryness and coziness. The boots below are all from respectable boot makers from LL Bean to the North Face or Sorel. Name brand boots are generally “name brand” and a bit pricey are worth the money because they have been proven to be great.

Snow Boots
For Fun Boots
There are so many fun boots that I would love to own that I had just had to include them!
What are your favorite kind of boots? Have you seen any snow?

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