Trendy Tuesday: Loafers

Loafers have become feminized this 2011 season. A long time popular menswear staple these shoes are now beautiful and better than ever! Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Lanvin have all put out versions of this classic, in a variety of heights colors and materials. Read on for a bit of history on these shoes as well as some fun facts!

Lovely Loafers

Some Fun Facts  and a brief history on Loafers

  • First appeared in the mid 1930’s from Norway.
  • In 1932 Esquire magazine announced that the word loafer originated from Norwegian farmers. On a farm the place where a cow is milked is called the cattle loafing area, and farmers needed a slip on shoe to wear in this mucky area.
  • Today they come in a variety of colors, and heels can also come with or without fun tassles.
  • The Spaulding family from New Hampshire, began making a loafer type shoes in the 1930’s.
  • Then in 1934, a boot maker from Maine, G.H. Bass, started making Weejuns. Weejuns were a loafer with a leather strip across the top of the shoe with a diamond cut out.
  • Weejuns became an instantly popular hit in America, and went from a summer shoe to a shoe worn with suits in the 1960’s.
  • In the 1940’s and 50’s, people put dimes, the price of a telephone call, into the shoe pockets. Later the idea of adding pennies as a matter of style.
  • Gucci added a metal strap across the front of the shoe, in the late 60’s. The Gucci loafer style has become a new subtype on the shoe, and reached widespread popularity by the 1980’s.
Preppy and Pretty
Jessica Hart
Here Jessica Hart is keeping it classy and preppy. For her look, try a pair of black pants, pair it with a black blazer, and add a red sweater for a much needed pop of color. The black and red contrast nicely against a chocolate brown pair of loafers. Keep it simple with accessories, with simple studs or a fun leather bracelet.

Leopard loafers

Nicole Richie

New York Leopard
Here Nicole Richie is taking the classic loafer and bringing it to the jungle. Leopard loafers are a fun way to wear the leopard trend in a low key way. To pair with these bold shoes, keep the outfit simple with a pair of black jeans, a baggy pink shirt, and a black purse. To channel Richie, add some over sized sunglasses and a baggy beanie hat.
Do you own any loafers? Would you go with the classic preppy look? Or try a bold pattern like leopard?

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