What I Made Wednesday: Magnetic Make-up or Bow board

Now I have to start by saying, that this was originally not my idea. It is the brain child of a phenomenally creative blogger called Laura Thoughts, and you should definitely check out her post and blog, after reading this post!

This past summer I stumbled across Laura’s creation and thought, I have to try this. So here is my take on the magnetic make up board.

Materials for this Makeover

  • A frame
  • Piece of sheet metal
  • Magnets
  • Makeup/Bows/Jewelry
  • Fabric
  • Spray adhesive or staple gun
  • Paint (if you want to)


So I started at my local Salvation Army store, where they happened to be having a sale on all framed paintings. So I snagged this painting of ugly flowers but with a very pretty frame.

After dusting off the frame, I started to paint the embellishments with either black or white acrylic paint.

I then enlisted the help of my dad who cut a piece of sheet metal to fit the inside of the frame. Using the black and white damask fabric that I used for my office chair, I covered the sheet metal and folded some of the excess on the back.Due to the shape and depth of my frame, I used the originally ugly painting behind the sheet metal to keep it in place. I then used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the painting, and the painting to the back of the frame.

Next I went to the local hardware store for some strong magnets, since my fabric was on the thicker side I made sure that the magnets would stick to the frame before I bought them.

Then using a hot glue gun I glued the magnets to my makeup. After a few months I have run out of certain make up items and the magnets are super easy to remove and reuse over, and over again.

Laura for her board used an old medicine bottle to hold all of her brushes and other makeup that can not be glued to a magnet. So after cleaning my room I found an old locker organizer that I used in middle school. So after some black acrylic paint, I hung it on the board to hold my brushes, and I think it matches perfectly!

So here is my final product,


Would you make a make-up board? Let me know!


One thought on “What I Made Wednesday: Magnetic Make-up or Bow board

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