Monday Musings: Ralph Lauren

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams. – Ralph Lauren

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People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.

– Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Bio

  • As his quote suggest Ralph Lauren was born on October 14, 1939 in The Bronx New York.
  • His parents were Jewish immigrants from Pinsk, Belarus, and their last name was Lifshitz.
  • When Ralph was 16, his brother Terry who was his legal guardian changed their last name to Lauren.
  • Ralph discussed the reason for changing his last name on an episode of the Oprah show: “My given name has the word shit in it, when I was a kid the other kids would make fun of me. It’s a tough name. That’s why I decided to change it.”
  • Went to Baruch College to study business but dropped out after two years.
  • Served in the United States Army from 1962 ro 9164.
  • Later worked at Brooks Brothers as a salesmen.
  • In 1967 with the financial backing of Manhattan clothing manufacturer Lauren opened a neck tie store where he sold solid ties under the label “Polo”.
  •  Married Ricky Anne Low-Beer in NYC, they have three children named Dylan, David and Andrew.
  • He loves to collect automobiles, and  has over 70 valuable and rare cars in his possession.
  •  Was the stylist for the movie The Great Gatsby.
  • Rachel, from the hit television show Friends worked for Ralph Lauren on the show, and the designer even appeared in an episode!
  • In September of this year Forbes estimated his wealth at $6.1 billion dollars making him the 173rd richest person in the world.

They know they’re going to look beautiful, and I don’t think women should look like costumes.

They shouldn’t look like fashion victims. – Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the epitome of preppy American style so for my first look I channeled the essence of Polo, Ralph Lauren.

Polo Pretty

This outfit is all about keeping it polished and pretty. To start I found a lovely Ralph Lauren button up, that matches with this Romwe skirt (a steal at $25 dollars!), then layered with a maroon sweater and Polo blazer. For accessories I included some gray thigh high socks, for a school girl sort of look, brown oxfords and this fun retro bag.

It’s the kind of clothes that mothers and daughters can wear, in terms of concept… It’s not about age. It’s about taste, and it’s about lifestyle. I believe women of all ages can wear anything.-Ralph Lauren

This photo caught my eye as I was scrolling through the Ralph Lauren Holiday collection. The pattern is called Beacon, and is inspired by the south western frontier and the Navajo patterns in clothing, and it brings and earthy vibe to Ralph’s sophisticated clothes.

Tribal Fun

Personally, I don’t own any tribal prints, but they are super easy to add into any wardrobe. If you have an earthy sort of style to start then you can add a full tribal dress! But if you’re like me, start to add a piece at a time like the skirt, shirt, or sweater. Or you could try any some of the fun accessories, from the bracelets, to the earrings and chic choker necklace.

I think the accessories look very modern and very exciting. These big earrings, these big hoops. I think the girls are sort of falling in love with… collars, neck collars. -Ralph Lauren

Fun and Flirty

Ralph’s past collections, have always included mens wear as a staple for women. For this look, I did three different outfits, each one with a different Ralph Lauren signature styling. The outfit on the far left has a pair of boyfriend jeans, which Ralph used in his 2011 Spring Collection, paired with a collared black shirt and a navy and black blazer. For shoes, heels are perfect if you’re on the shorter side as they make you look longer. For the middle look I loved this collared white shirt, that pairs perfectly with black shorts and polka dot tights. The look on the far right starts with a black pair of skinny jeans and is topped off with this cream colored blouse that has a fun color and flowy sleeves.

Do you own anything from Ralph Lauren? Would you buy any of these looks? Comment below!


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