Fashion Inspired by: Hart of Dixie

I’ll just come out and say it, as a thirteen year old girl I wanted to be Rachel Bilson, or rather Summer Roberts. As a middle schooler I was obsessed with the O.C., mostly because of Rachel Bilson’s character. From her attitude, and love of ponies, to her clothes, she was my favorite character on the entire series. Now years after the sun has set on the O.C. for good, Rachel is back in a new series on the CW called Hart of Dixie.

Photo Credit the CW

The show focuses on doctor Zoe Hart who thinks she has her life figured out, but after a series of missteps ends up in Bluebell Alabama. A stranger offers her half of his medical practice, and it all gets interesting from there. The show is cute, and makes me feel like it’s summer in the South rather than fall up here in the North.

But enough about the show and onto the clothes. I love scratch that adore the clothes on this show, so I have made a few outfits for several of the main characters.

Zoe Hart

Photo Credit the CW

Dr. Zoe Hart had it all planned out, and lost her boyfriend and her residency in a blink of an eye. Her chief doctor recommends that she spends a year as a general practitioner, to look at people, as well people, and not puzzles to solve. What she lacks in bedside manner she makes up for in her ensembles. She is always put together, with very simple pieces, that giver her a classic and clean look.

Stripe it Out

Zoe Hart City Chic
Zoe brings some NYC style to the South with this outfit! What’s great about this look is that while it channels the summer, it can also be worn this fall season. To start I used these adorable leather shorts, with a long sleeved sheer, striped collared shirt, that would go perfectly under a black blazer. For accessories these shoes are similar to the ones Zoe wears, and I also included a brown purse.
Football Fun
Zoe tries to win the affection of the town by riding on the mayors float in the founders day parade. Like a true Alabama girl she  breaks out her Ol’ Miss pride with an Alabama jersey, some cut off shorts and a pair of gray converse. This look is casual but super cute and summery!
Raspberry Red
This is another simple, but adorable look from Zoe, starting with some patterned black and white shorts, and topped with a red button up shirt. Of course Zoe adds a blazer, black purse and I added the red pumps to match her shirt.
Simple and Chic
This might be my favorite look of Zoe’s. It is so simple with the boyfriend jeans and loose t shirt, but so sophisticated from the accessories. She keeps it simple with a dangling shoulder bag, and a pair of heeled oxfords. This is such a cute casual outfit that I definitely want to try.
The Lemon
There are so many “when life gives you lemons, make….” statements, that it would be cliche to say one now. But in this show the sour lemon is none other than Lemon Breeland, the daughter of Brick Breeland the town’s main doctor. She is as mean as she is pretty, and despite her sour attitude I love her retro 1950’s style.
Pouty and Flowery
This look is so summer cute, perfect for meeting with grandparents, a graduation party or in Lemon’s case to wear around town. The dress is from Modcloth and pairs perfectly with some pale pink pumps, purse and of course a pink bow!
Lemon in Lace
I was only going to include one look from Lemon in this post, but after seeing this photo I knew I had to add it. The dress is an adorable lace frock from Modcloth, and when paired with an embellished cardigan it channels the 1950’s style that Lemon loves. For accessories I kept it simple, with a pair of mary jane heels, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet.
What do you think? Have you seen the show? Whose style is better?

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