Street Style Friday featuring Rebecca

While I am a firm believer that fashion, and style, come from your personality, I am constantly influenced by the people I pass, and see around Boston. So I have decided to start featuring a different stylish person I see, every friday. This week is Rebecca.

Rebecca is originally from Maine, and is studying broadcast journalism at Emerson College.

After a day of shopping I stopped to talk with Rebecca about her style, and her outfit.

What is your style philosophy?

“I would have to say that my main style philosophy is to be cute yet comfy.”

Where do you like to shop?

“Being in Boston, I love to find new places to shop but tend to stick to Express, H&M and TJ MAXX. They have cute stuff without breaking the bank.”

Do you have a favorite item in your closet?

“Hands down it would have to be my brown Steve Madden boots. They just scream fall, and are super easy to match with everything.”

Why did you pick this outfit for today?

“Well it was perfect for a semi chilly fall day. Boston weather can be so unpredictable so wearing a sweater is always a safe bet!”

Do you have a favorite accessory?

“My favorite accessory is definitely my sunglasses. The ones I’m wearing today are from Forever 21, and match with my earrings perfectly.”

Do you have any tips for students shopping on a budget?

“Look for bargains. And remember almost anything you find full price will be on sale in a month.”

What do you think about Rebecca’s style? Is it similar to your own? Comment below!


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