Trendy Tuesday: Tartan

Great Scott’s that’s a ton of Tartan! This past fall season this pattern has been seen in a variety of collections from Burberry to Sonia Rykiel, proving that tartan is not just for school girls anymore. Read on for a bit of history on this fun pattern and how to wear it this season!

A little bit of history

  • Tartan is a pattern that consists of crossing horizontal and vertical lines, that come in a variety of colors.
  • The word plaid comes from a Scottish and Gaelic word, plaide, which means blanket. It was used as a sleeping bag at night, and a garment during the day, and since it was a tartan pattern the terms have become interchangeable.
  • A Dress Act in 1746 banned tartan and Highland dress, in an attempt to stop warring clans.
  • The oldest known tartan was found in Falkirk, Scotland, which was stuffed into a jar containing a Roman coin that dated to the year 250 AD.

The Ever Classic Plaid Button Up

Plaid Button Ups

Plaid button ups are a fall staple and classic. The pattern reminds me of the foliage in Vermont and hiking in Maine, which are some of my favorite memories from childhood. A button up shirt will pair perfectly with skinny jeans, thigh boots and can either be tight or baggy for a more relaxed look.


Plaid to meet you!

Plaid dresses just scream holidays to me, and they are perfect for wearing through the winter. I chose these three dresses from Modcloth, to show some fun options for plaid dresses. The dress on the left is the most casual of the three and has a oversized flannel shirt vibe. To finish the look I added some thigh high socks, red lace up booties and a maroon beanie to top it all off. The middle dress is perfect for any holiday party and would look lovely with a big red bow. The dress on the right pairs perfectly with some black tights and a pair of maroon oxfords.


Pretty Cute Coats

What better way to wear plaid than in a great jacket? Plaid jackets will stand out against the sea of black pea coats, and with so many styles and colors to choose from there is sure to be a plaid for you!

Accessories, Shoes and Purses

A little bit of tartan can go a long way, try a scarf, hat, shoes or bag, that include this fun pattern without going overboard.

Plaid Accessories

 And of course I had to include some plaid bows.


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