What Will I Make Wednesday: Saddle Shoes

This past week I was shopping at Target and happen to stop by the shoe section…Who am I kidding I was checking out Target’s cute new shoe area and found this lovely deal! For just $9 I got these lovely pair of Keds, that were perfect for this week’s What Will I Make Wednesday!



  • A pair of keds or white sneakers
  • Black Fabric Marker
My sister Bridget, got these cute saddle shoes for the first day of school, and I decided to use them as a template to design my shoes.
To start I took the laces out of my keds, and started to free hand sketch with my fabric marker the wingtip, of the show.
I then decided to outline the heel of the shoes.
I then started to fill in the sneakers so that they are colored completely black.
So this is the final product!
I wish that the black part was more filled in, so I will be making a trip to the art store this weekend to see if there is any fabric paint or stronger markers to use…I will let you know what I find out!

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