How to look Cute in the Cold

Now I know some of you will read the title of this post and think ‘Gah! It’s still fall! Stop talking about winter and cold!’ And while I enjoy fall just as much as the next girl, Mother Nature gave us a taste of what is to come earlier this week…. it was not pretty. As a born and bred New Englander, I have seen my fair share of harsh and cold winters, and have learned the hard way that function is just as important as fashion when it comes to winter gear. However functional does not mean frumpy, so I have picked out several fun options to add to your winter wardrobe!

Start with a great coat.

A great winter jacket is an investment piece in your wardrobe, as they can be a bit pricey. But by buying a coat that is both stylish and warm, you can assure that it will last for more than just one winter season.

The Pea Coat

Cute Coats
As a high school student my parents gave me a North Face inner and outer jacket for the harsh winters in Massachusetts, but once I got to college I got my first pea coat, and haven’t looked back. I love to wear my peacoat in Fall, pre winter weather, and use it for special occasions. While pea coats are not as warm as puffy inner jackets, the ones above are heavily lined and have great warmth ratings. Black is a classic choice, as it goes with everything, but the maroon is a fun way to add a muted color!
The heavy duty “Winter Coat”
While pea coats look nice, your closet will need a heavy duty winter coat to block out the wind and nasty weather. I used to hate puffy coats in the winter, out of fear that I would look like a giant marshmallow, but when it comes to the winter weather I’d rather be puffy than cold. But there are ways to avoid looking like a  blimp, look for coats with a belt or a drawstring around the middle. This will give you an hourglass shape, instead of looking like a big puff of fabric. The five coats I have featured above, are all durable colors that can last for more than just one season, and give great shape.
Onto the shoes: Beautiful Boots
Winter and cold weather mean that it’s time to break out the boots! In my mind there are two kinds of boots in this world, cute fashionable boots, and cute functional boots. Much like the pea coat, and the heavy winter coat I think that, having a pair of nice boots and a pair of heavy duty boots will round out your wardrobe perfectly ( Of course start with the functional pair and save for the fashionable one). Above I chose several pairs of boots that caught my eye. I love the mid calf boots, from the brown leather ones to the gray suede ones. If you like heels I found some fun wedge boots from LLBean, and a pair of vintage inspired heeled boots.
These boots are the real deal. Waterproof, complete with laces, and totally adorable. When shopping for boots comfort is key. I always make sure that I bring a thick pair of winter socks when I try on new boots. That way I’ll  have a bit of wiggle room in the toes and enough space for my cozy socks, and I love cozy socks. In this post I feature some high lace up boots which will keep the winter slush at bay, along with cute low rise red boots, and a pair of Hunter boots.
With the cold weather, comes cold winter accessories! Hats, gloves and scarfs are essential to staying warm, and are a fun and cheap way to update your winter wardrobe!
I couldn’t post any old hats, I loved these beanies with bows, and they will keep your head warm and show off your personal sense of style.
I always have cold hands, so my favorite accessory to pick out are the gloves, and my personal favorite, the mittens that flip back into fingerless gloves. That way you can still text and go through your purse, all while keeping your fingers warm. I tried to pick some mittens, gloves and these adorable owl/turkey gloves for those bird enthusiasts out there. Each pair of gloves pairs with a great scarf, it’s always fun to match your gloves to your scarf!
Are you ready for winter? Is there one specific piece that keeps you warm? Let me know!

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