Trendy Tuesday: Pretty Pleats

As a child the first day of school was always my favorite day of the school year, funny enough it was not because of the books and learning but rather the new clothes. While the first day of school in college isn’t the same as it was in kindergarden, I still love the excitement of wearing a new outfit to start off a new year. Why am I rambling about new clothes? Well this year I became obsessed with pleated skirts and had to have one in my first day of school outfit, and they were a staple in this fall’s fashion runways! Read on to find some pretty pleated ensembles!

A bit about Pleats…

  • A pleat is formed by doubling fabric back on itself.
  • Skirts are often a classic place for pleats, but can also be seen in shirts as well as dresses.
Pleated Dresses
From Vera Wang, to Dion Lee (pictured below), pleated dresses were an essential in Fall and Winter 2011 collections.(Photo Credit: Google Images)
I had so much fun shopping for pleated dresses as they are everywhere! From Modcloth, Oasis Stores and Dorothy Perkins there is a style and price for everyone to love!
Pleated dresses

I love these dresses because while they are so different in style and color, the pleats are the same. Contour tops and pleated skirts are a fun, flirty, and vintage way to spice up your fall and winter wardrobe!

Pretty Little Pleats

Aria from Pretty Little Liars (Photo credit: Google Images)

So my obsession with pleats can also be credited to the popular TV drama, Pretty Little Liars. While watching this show with my two sisters I fell head over heels for this vintage maroon dress that Aria wore in this episode. Her dress may be one of a kind, but not impossible to re-create!

Pretty Little Pleats
To start I found some great maroon pleated skirts, that will go perfectly with a sheer maroon top from American Apparel. I also found a beautiful pleated dress if you’re not into the two piece set. To accessorize I searched for a hair wrap bow, like the one Aria wears in the episode and found this cute bow headband from Forever 21, and also included a maroon necklace to tie the outfit together.
Do you love pleats as much as I do? Let me know!

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