Saturday: Steal? or Splurge?

The weather might be getting chilly but in my mind I am still holding onto my dresses with tights! So this week is all about dresses, two are a fabulous deal while the splurge is something I have been drooling over for a month or so. Read on to see my picks for the week’s Steal? or Splurge?
The Steal
Both of these dresses are from Wetseal, and both are under $20! The dress on the left is a belted pocket dress in ivory, which would pair perfectly with some grey thigh highs, brown boots, a floral bow and the maroon cardigan. This dress rings up at just $16! The dress on the right is the epitome of a steal, as it is only $10! This floral frock has flowing sleeves, a bit of a sheer bottom and a cute print. To pair with this dress I included some white and black flats, black tights and a maroon bow to go with the sweater and the flowers on the dress. Both of these dresses are cute, cheap and chic!
The Splurge
I have been in love with this dress since the moment I saw it. A month later, this dress is still not in my closet, but I can’t stop thinking of how cute and sweet it is! From the floral pattern, to the periwinkle bow, this dress is the epitome of cute! To go with this dress I found some cute periwinkle flats, and some strappy black heels, black tights and some pearl studs. I also found a cute OPI color that pairs perfectly with the bow and the blue flats.
What to you think? Do you have anything you’re saving up for? Or a steal that you’re proud of? Let me know!

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