Haute Halloween Costume Part 2

My last post on Halloween Costumes was so much fun that I decided to extend it into Part 2! Read on for some more fun and chic costumes!

Pretty Peacock

A Peacock is fun, fierce and feathered, which is all the components for a fun Halloween costume.

Pretty Pretty Peacock

For this dress a black or blue dress is the perfect base, and the ones I have chosen are embellished with either waves or feathers. I also included some great shoes, a mask and the feathered headband to add the final touch.

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

While the witch costume is no stranger to Halloween, Glinda the Good witch is a fresh taste on a classic costume. And what makes it better than the typical witch is that her outfit is pink with sparkles!

Are you a good witch?
For this costume I found two very cute pink dresses, that would be a great addition to any girl’s closet. For accessories you’ll need a crown (duh) and a sparkly wand, as for shoes you could wear anything that you have, but I love these sparkly silver pumps and silver oxfords.

The one and only: Carrie Bradshaw

Samantha, one of Carrie’s BFF’s, has said that there are only two choices for women on Halloween: a witch or a sex kitten. Yet I think a perfect costume from the series would be Carrie Bradshaw, who is a Class A fashionista.

Carrie Bradshaw
To start this costume needs a basic pink spagetti strap tank top, paired with the iconic white tutu skirt. This skirt includes the glitter belt so it is just perfect I also added two paires of strappy pink shoes to complete her outfit. As for accessories, add whatever you think is fierce! I chose to add these dangling faux diamond earrings and a rose covered clutch.
I Believe in Audrey
Audrey Hepburn can do no wrong, she’s is stylish and classy to a fault. For this costume channel Holly Golightly, from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for an easy costume with a classic look.
Audrey by snowwhite1317 featuring a bodice dress

Every girl owns a LBD, and Audrey accessorized hers in such a classic and iconic way. Pair your dress with a pearl necklace, a tiara that clips into the front of your hair, black pumps, and a pair of ray bands. Black gloves are a MUST for pulling this look together!

Cruella De Vile

While many girls will don princess dresses on Halloween, this Disney villain is the perfect character for a halloween costume. Cruella is iconic, quite stylish, and I  might actually like her if she wasn’t trying to kill, cute Dalmatians of course.

Cruella Devine

This costume like the Audrey Hepburn costume, starts with a black halter dress as its base. From there add some faux fur, like the vest pictured or go all out with a long faux fur coat. For accessories grab some red gloves, a turquoise ring, a feathered boa and if you like wearing wigs, this white and black wig will complete your look. I have also included a pair of Dalmatian patterned flats for irony, as well as the MAC makeup inspired by Cruella.
So for this Halloween are you rocking feathers? Being a good witch? Or maybe the villain?

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