Haute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love two things: dressing up, and eating candy. So for this post I will be giving some fun ideas for some last minute Halloween ensembles, but use some pieces that you can wear beyond the holiday.

Retro Flight Attendent

Up, Up and Away!

The idea of dressing as a stewardess is not a new one, yet with the new show Pan Am, the vintage stewardess look is a perfect costume!

Up Up and Away

For this costume you could go with a blue dress, or to be more authentic try a pencil skirt and blazer combo. The white blouse is an absolute steal, $20 Old Navy, and goes perfectly with either white or blue heels. To complete the look I included a pair of white gloves and a blue bag.


This has been the year of Beyonce, with a baby on the way and multiple hit songs she can do no wrong. I personally love her Countdown video, for the catchy tune and impeccable styling, and the best part is that most of her outfits are affordable and chic costumes!

These outfits are so simple and easy to recreate! For the first costume, brave souls can invest in leotards, and for those non dancers, a simple body con dress will also be perfect. This costume is perfect for you and two of your friends, as everyone can add another versatile dress to their closets but can look chic and put together. To complete the look getting matching pumps that co-ordinate with your dress and of course, a floppy black and white hat.

The Countdown: Inspired Costume

The other Beyonce costume is super simple, with just a pair of leggings, a turtleneck, some high socks and loafers you are on your way to a classic costume!

Black and White Inspired by Beyonce

Halloween Housewife

While I am a huge fan of the Real Housewives series on Bravo, the most stylish housewives lived in the fifties. For this costume you need a very cute dress complete with a petticoat to add the volume and shape of a fifties dress. To complete this look add some pearl earrings, a necklace, and a pair of kitten heels.

Halloween Housewife
So is everyone else just as excited for halloween as I am? What will you be going as?

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