What Will I Make Wednesday: Outlined Headboard

When I was a sophomore I transferred to a small arts school in the city, where I had wanted to go since the ripe age of nine. Yet the issue with transferring was I came a few months too late for the housing lottery and started the hunt for apartments. A year later, it’s still strange to be going back to an apartment instead of a dorm. But I really love my place, and I love finding new and fun ways to make it truly mine. So this week’s What Will I Make is an outlined headboard. I saw a cool photo of a simple outlined headboard for above your bed (and as I am lacking one, I decided to make one).


Materials for this makeover

  • Card stock or heavy paper (I used water color paper since I had some lying around)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black paint, or markers
  • A pencil
  • Possibly a stencil
I chose to copy my headboard at home which has to long poles with circles at the end, with a place to meet in the middle. To start I suggest looking for a headboard design that you find pleasing. While are several stencils out there I chose to free hand it, and draw my own.
  1. I started by tracing my design in pencil first, then used the scissors to cut out the pieces. I then laid the pieces out on my kitchen floor so that I knew the widths were fairly equal.
  2. I then started to paint the pieces, and set them out to dry.
    3.  Once the pieces were dry I started to line them up on my wall to see how they fit, and trimmed several of the pieces so that the widths were even.
    4. Using clear tape, I taped the headboard to the wall, and stood back to admire my handiwork.
This is such a fun and easy do it yourself project that I hope you try it out too!

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