Trendy Tuesday: Capes, Stylish? or just for Superheroes?

When I hear cape, I think superhero. When I hear cloak, I think Harry Potter. Yet somehow I have started to grow a fondness for these jacket alternatives as the weather is getting colder. Capes were a big hit last winter, but have also made an appearance in a few runway shows for Fall collections. Which make capes and cloaks more than just a one-hit-trend, it seems to be that the capes are here to stay.

A Little History on Capes and Cloaks

People have been wearing capes and cloaks forever, well not actually forever, but capes were extremely popular in medieval Europe. The cape has had many resurgence in fashion, where it will appear and slip away just as quickly. Yet capes have several benefits for the wearer, aside from warmth. For one capes are perfect for dressier occasions, where you’re garment is something that you want to cover and not zip or button into a coat or a jacket. Outerwear, such as capes and cloaks are definitely investment pieces. When I purchase I coat I want to know that I can wear it for several seasons, so why not invest in a great statement piece, that looks good on you and makes you feel good.

Capes in Action!

I have found several capes and cloaks that are functional, fashionable and don’t look like you’re playing dress up.

Pretty Poncho

This first cape is light but what it lacks in warmth, it makes up for with style. The navy blue, assures that this cape will fit into anyone’s wardrobe and can be styled in a variety of ways. In this set I chose to wear it with a dress and tights. I thought that matching the dresses to the brown color of the buttons and detail on the cape would give this outfit a put together look. Add gray tights, a pair of heeled oxfords, a locket, and of course a bow,and you’re ready to go!

Cloak #3
This second cloak is from H&M and makes me feel cozy just looking at it. Since it is very simple I thought it would pair nicely with some black skinny jeans, and a pair of black loafers. The accessories are very simple and classic with pearls and gold as the theme.
This next cape is from Modcloth and has a lovely tartan pattern and a big bow to tie everything together! Going with the plaid theme, I decided to stick with very basic dresses in both grey and black, that will let the plaid be the statement. For the legs I added thigh highs which will go great with the white and brown oxfords. Instead of a boring watch I found these cute bracelets with a watch, and a cute shoulder bag to complete the look.
Sweater Cape
While the other capes have been outerwear, this cape is a cable knit sweater from Michael Kors, that has the perfect balance of bagginess and shape. To match with the sweater, I added a pair of maroon jeans, with a long sleeve white t shirt to wear underneath the sweater. For accessories I added some turquoise rings, that really pop against the maroon, and some really awesome perforated booties, from Forever 21. (I bought them in black for about $25, talk about a steal!) With this outfit you are ready for apple picking and just looking nice next to some foliage.
So what are your thoughts, are capes for Little Red Riding Hood and Superman? Or will you be investing in some new outerwear this fall and winter?

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