Monday Musings: Marc Jacobs

So I am bit behind in the days of the week. Today I will be posting both Monday and Tuesday’s posts, which means double the fashion! For this week’s Monday Musings, I have chosen American fashion designer Marc Jacobs.


I’d like to believe that the women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that they’re wearing what they like and what suits them. It’s not a status thing.

– Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, is an American designer, who studied at Parsons the New school for Design, and is currently the head designer for Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Marc Jacobs. He is also the Creative Director at the French Design House of Louis Vitton. Marc is the youngest designer to ever receive a CFDA award for ‘Best New Fashion Talent in 1987, and has also been the designer of the year in 1992.

Marc Jacobs is all about basics, he loves the simplicity of a T-shirt and jeans, along with a button down shirt and a skirt, but is also willing to try and branch into different styles. Marc Jacobs is also rumored to have over 30 tattoos! Some are words such as “perfect” and “shameless”, but he also has a drawing of an M+M character as well. In 2009, Marc Jacobs was marked 15th on Out Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women”.

Usually I would just feature an outfit or two, that has been inspired by the designer. Yet in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to take some of Marc’s memorable runway looks and re fashion them as Halloween costumes, with pieces that you can wear on any night of the year!

The Fierce Flapper: Inspiration

I have been a flapper for some Halloween party or event since I was a senior in high school. While I bought a costume that came in a plastic bag, I wanted to showcase some authentic flapper and 1920’s inspired pieces. Marc Jacob’s featured 1920’s inspired looks at New York Fashion week, as part of his Spring and Summer 2012 collection. This flapper dress is a beautiful baby blue, with some fun fringe that is perfect for dancing!

Roarin’ 20’s Costume

A Roarin' Good Time (1920's inspired Costumes)

A Roarin’ Good Time (1920’s inspired Costumes) by snowwhite1317 featuring a fringe dress

I found some beautiful, scratch that, stunning flapper dresses online. They are a bit pricey, yet are so beautiful, that you could most certainly find some occasion to wear it to, aside from Halloween. I love the black dress, as it’s classic, yet the pink, and pearl colored dresses are available for those who want to switch it up. For shoes, I chose some kitten heels, which are perfect because no one wants to have sore feet from running around in stilettos. To complete the look I threw in a vintage inspired hat, which you could wear if you’re not a feathers type of girl, along with a vintage beaded purse. As for jewelry the combined pearl necklaces from Forever 21 are the perfect touch, at a perfect price.

Mod Squad: The Inspiration

This fall the 60’s have made a come back in a major way. In Marc Jacob’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collection, the 60’s were also used as an inspiration, as seen above. In this look the model is rocking the fringe, a tied hair band, along with high socks to give the look of the high boots worn in the 60’s.

Modern Take on the Mod Squad

Mod Squad

This costume is a fabulous one, if I do say so myself. I have included, four really cute 1960’s inspired dresses. I love the collars on all four, and think that there is a color and style for everyone to love. Of course, every Mod Squad member must have high boots, sunglasses and a great ribbon to wrap around your head.

For the makeup try a Twiggy inspired look, with your eyes as the focus point of your face. Start with fake lashes (or a lot of mascara if fake lashes scare you), and use liquid eyeliner to define the crease of your eye, and draw fake bottom lashes.

What do you think? Will you be a flapper? Or a Mod Super model? Let me know!


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