Saturday: Steal? or Splurge?

I love to shop, but being on a college girl’s budget takes the spontaneous out of shopping. So I like to plan to save for purchases I love, yet also keep an eye out for a great deal. This week I have been on the look out for some cute fall shoes and have found two great pairs for this week’s Steal? or Splurge?

The Steal

Saturday Steal

The steal is the metallic faux leather shoes from Forever 21, and ring up at a whopping $12.50. They are shiny, have a bow, and with the black toes have a bit of a vintage twist. In this set I featured the pewter colored flats, yet they are also available in a deep blue. To go with these flats I wanted to do a skirt and a pant option. For the skirt there is a simple black, semi pleated skirt, paired with a light purple and lace cardigan. For the pants option,are some great black jeans from Top Shop, and a gorgeous blouse that features the same tones as the shoes.

The Splurge


As for the splurge, I decided to go with these $80 black oxford booties. The price is a bit steep for the average shoe buyer, but the quality and the color make these shoes the perfect staple for any wardrobe. To go with these shoes I wanted to go with the theme of polka dot tights, but finding sheer tights with small black polka dots, will pair perfectly with a pair of black shorts and a white blouse. To top of the look, the red sweater will not only add warmth but a pop of color!

What do you think? What is something that you’re saving up for? Let me know!


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