Celebrity Style: Zooey Deschanel

I have always had a love for Zooey Deschanel, it could be the fact that we have the same birthday or both have dark bangs. But regardless of the reason, Zooey Deschanel, is the queen of all things cute in my book. She’s the indie goddess who has perfected her own vintage look, and I love her effortless style. In this post I will feature her clothes that she wore in the Cotton Fabric of my Life Campaign. Watching this commercial I fell in love with the clothes she wore and wanted to create affordable versions of her outfits.

Outfit Number 1

This first look is a very simple skirt and shirt combination, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The shirt is a simple gray tee, and the skirt is high waisted and falls above the knee.  The sweater I chose for this outfit is unique with some embroidery but any black sweater will complete this look. In the photo Zooey is wearing her signature black tights, but with the onset of warmer weather feel free to swap out the tights for knee highs or go bare legged! Finally I added some bracelets which you can add or you can add an accessory you already own to make this outfit yours.

Zooey Outfit One

Outfit Number 2:

This second dress seen in the commercial fits perfectly into the nautical trend of the past few season, however I think it is still a look that can be taken into fall. I found several dresses online that are comparable to this dress, but if sailor style dresses are too much for you I included a skirt and tank top combination. While navy and white go together classically, I think that adding a red pop of color whether with your shoes, accessories or sunglasses would complete the look.

Zooey Outfit Two

Outfit Number Three:

The third outfit uses a simple classic black dress, tights and shoes, as its base. Adding to the base is a green sweater, bracelets and statement necklace. This outfit is great because it can be dressy or casual depending on your accessories. I included several different styles of black dresses, and if a green sweater is not for you, feel free to add any color sweater or just wear the black dress on it’s own.  For accessories I found a chain type necklace and also included two different faux pearl necklaces.

Zooey Outfit Three

Zooey Outfit Three by SnowWhite1317 featuring twist jewelry

Outfit Number Four:

Lastly, I knew I needed this outfit as soon as I saw Zooey pushing her bike across the screen. It’s so cute and summer casual and the pieces are fairly basic and easy to find. The shorts are high waisted and I chose a pair from Delia*s because I loved the button detail on the side. The shirt I chose is from Modcloth and I like the collar because it is rounded, yet with removable Peter Pan collar you can add it to any shirt . The hardest part of this outfit is matching the teal color yet I found an Old Navy sweater and added several pairs of matching shoes from various makers that match. To finish the outfit I added four necklaces, two of which are on the more expensive side while two are both under ten dollars.

Zooey Fourth Outfit

From her dresses and black tights, to the high waisted shorts, Zooey is always put together and polished. What do you guys think? Do you love Zooey’s style as much as I do?


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