Trendy Tuesday: Oxfords

Oxfords are the shoes that make ballet flats look blase. While, Oxfords have been a footwear staple over the past few seasons I am still just as in love with oxfords as the day I bought my first pair.  From the wingtip oxfords (the two colored ones) to ones the with tassels, and of course oxfords colored in glitter, there is something for everyone to love. That is why they are featured in this weeks Trendy Tuesday Post.

A Little History on the Oxfords

It’s clear to see that Oxfords originate from the men’s dress shoe, and were generally plain, but today have become feminized with floral patterns and shaping. Oxfords were worn by men since the 17th century, and were often paired with dress clothes.  The ones that have two colors have been called saddle shoes, and were extremely popular in the ‘5os and were often wore with white sox which gave the shoes a classy everyday look.

After shopping around I have put together a set of Oxfords that I just love. As I am a huge fan of the wingtip/saddle shoe style I included several pairs of those, and included a heeled pair for those girl’s that love to take it up a notch.

Olly Olly Oxford!
Since Oxfords come in such a variety I wanted to come up with three distinct looks that show the range of Oxford shoes.
Fun and Feminine
As soon as I saw these shoes I fell in love! They are so cute, as they lace up and show a bit of variety from the every day oxford. The dress is from ModCloth, with an adorable Peter Pan collar that would look cute with some knee socks if it’s starting to get chilly where you are! I added the locket which I think will have enough jewelry without taking over the look. I also included the adorable hat, since I wish that I could rock hats (my bangs look squashed and awful after wearing a hat), I just had to put it because it is such a fun accessorie. And of course, the red bow which matches perfectly with the dress!
Classic Black and White
Black and white color schemes will always have a special place in my heart and in my wardrobe. I positively love these shoes, because the heel is high enough that you feel a bit taller, but not to the point where you’re about to fall over. To start I found this great dress which comes with a black belt. As it’s getting cooler in Boston, I included a plain pair of black tights, some polka dotted tights, and a pair of thigh high socks. I also adore the Juicy Couture earrings that combine my love of pearls and bows!
Peter Pan in Oxfords
While I am usually wearing dresses and skirts, I adore my black skinny jeans, and find that they can be the perfect canvas for so many looks. I found these three shirts that would look great with some black skinny jeans, and chose three oxfords, a white pair to match the white Peter Pan collar, the black kitten heeled oxfords, and the floral oxfords that would be a fun addition to any outfit.
What do you think? Are oxfords the cutest shoes? Or just something you see in your Grandpa’s closet?
Love it or Hate it let me know! 

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