Let it Snow

As a child, there was nothing more exciting than the first snow fall of the year, and honestly that hasn’t changed for me as I’ve gotten older.

While I can’t say that I’m excited for another North Dakota winter, I got a hint of excitement when I looked out my window at the first snow fall this winter. So here is a set inspired by what I would wear if I could call out sick from work and spend time outside. Anyone up for a snow ball fight?


BootsJacket. Sweater. Scarf. Mittens. Coffee Mug. Satchel.

In terms of my work outfit, I paired a Kate Spade Saturday dress with my Sorel Boots. Yet I still managed to slip and fall today!

Snow BootsHello Winter!

xoxo Mary Cate

Something Wicked this Way Comes


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s something magical about pumpkins, dressing up and eating a ton of candy!

image3I felt like everything was so off this Halloween. Bismarck has an adorable pumpkin patch in town, but by the time I went for a visit they were all sold out! So I spent a fair amount of time in Walmart trying to choose the perfect pumpkin!


There is nothing better than opening my mailbox and finding letters that aren’t bills! My wonderful friend Emily sent me the CUTEST Halloween card this week, from the company Resonant Paperworks. It’s always nice to send letters and postcards to friends!


As for a last minute costume, I continued my five year trend of dressing up as Holly Golightlyfrom Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

image1The costume is so simple. Black dress? Check. Pearls? Check. Tiara? Check. The basics to any twenty somethings wardrobe, right? Halloween night was a blast, but now about to dig into a giant bag of Halloween candy that I bought for myself!

xoxo Mary Cate

Feeling a bit Like Fall




 When I moved to North Dakota just a year ago, the state was experiencing a blistering heat wave, as I remember overheating as I moved all of my things into my new space. However this past Summer has been a bit of a bust weather wise. There were only a few scorching hot days, and as I was typically out working in the heat instead of relaxing by the river, I think I’m ready for fall.

I’ve learned that a Midwest fall is quite different from my New England ones, as the weeks of the season are so short. And to be honest, once the cold weather comes I’m going to want to knit myself an infinity scarf cocoon and hibernate. Until then, I’ll content myself with starting fresh, cleaning my closest as I pack away my crop tops and shorts, and enjoy the ‘pumpkin spice’ everything that comes with season.



xo Mary Cate


This is How We Do

IMG_7405Yes, that is Katy Perry floating on a swing held up with balloons, while belting out a song and rocking electric green hair. I had the chance to see her in Fargo this past weekend, and she put on an amazing show!


I love concerts. There’s nothing quite like live music, and Katy Perry’s show was more of a large party, (complete with a cat themed fashion show). I went with my best friend and we ended up in sort of matching outfits. You can never go wrong with a LBD and red lipstick!

IMG_8790It’s also no secret that I love flower crowns. Maybe not as much as I love bows, but they are seriously so cute. If I could wear one on the news, I would. I made this red one for the concert and was so happy with how it turned out!


In terms of an outfit breakdown you can find that here: dress. shoes. flower crown (me but this is a similar one).


Speaking of outfits, Katy Perry had some phenomenal looks, like this sort of fairy goddess. Seriously it was magical.  What a fun show, and a fun weekend, but tomorrow it’s back to work!

xoxo Mary Cate

Some Summer Fargo Fun


It’s taken a bit of time to get these up but two weeks ago I took a bit of a road trip across the state to Fargo, North Dakota!


The trip has been something I’ve looked forward to all spring long, as I not only got to see one of my best friends, but I would also get to see Paul McCartney in concert.

3 Fargo had a great deal of fun shops and boutiques, and the day was what some might call a Goldilocks day, not too hot, or too cold which is rare in NoDak!1After moving to Bismarck I’ve really missed cozy coffee shops, but Babbs Coffee House, really brought me back to hours of reading and sipping lattes in Boston! They had a ton of fun flavors for iced lattes, and it’s always fun to try something new.


While sipping our coffees we came upon a boutique that I could have spent all day, and my next pay check in. Proper & Prim is such a cool boutique that mixed edgier pieces with vintage inspired looks. unnamed-1

A two piece set jumped out from the rack and I knew I had to wear it to the concert! The set is from JOA Los Angeles, and if you love modern clothes with  fun mod twist you should check them out. (I’m also kicking myself for not buying that, I wish I was an Ol$en Twin shirt!)

unnamed-1As for the concert, I couldn’t imagine a better night! Paul played everything from his early Beatle days like All My Loving, to some tracks from his latest album Queenie Eye.

unnamed-2My trip to Fargo had a little bit of everything, best friend bonding, shopping and amazing music from one of my favorite artists. If only every weekend could be that fun!

xo Mary Cate

Be Happy. Be Bright.


This has been a busy week at the news station. From the preliminary election on Wednesday to a visit from the President later this week, I will be excited to take a breath this weekend!


In the mean time today was a rather gloomy day so I went for a longer skirt to keep the chill off my legs, but wanted a bit of color on a gray day!


Necklace- Bauble Bar Shoes-LOFT (similar here) Skirt-Kittson (similar here)

Top- Cardigan (similar here)

I hope you’re having a great week! xoxo Mary Cate

My First Year in the Real World (as a Journalist)


This weekend I could finally feel myself thawing out, after a brutal and unnecessarily long North Dakota winter. However, the change of the seasons has prompted a bit of self reflection. This May marks one year after earning my undergraduate degree at Emerson College.

As I scrolled through various social media platforms this past week, and saw many smiling friends in graduation caps, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of nostalgia that prompted this rambling.


From the moment I crossed the stage and was handed a piece of paper, a sense of accomplishment mingled with panic began to set in. I had many, and I mean many, moments of self doubt.

I spent a great deal of time burning DVDs and sending out resumes to various job postings, with little to no response. Until one day, when I reached out to a fellow EC alum who showed my resume reel to her news director.


A few days later I had a contract for a reporting and anchoring job, in North Dakota. Within a few weeks I moved out of the city I loved so much, packed my brand new car and headed for a part of the country I never thought I would see.


Since that epic road trip with my Dad, in which neither left the other behind at a rest stop, which I was positive would happen, I’ve experienced a variety of “a ha” moments.

I’ve learned that sometimes it really is all about who you know.

I found my first job through a wonderful anchor, who happened to have the same internship I was working at when I graduated. It was wonderful to ask her about her job hunting experience, and what started as a simple conversation about her journey, ended with the beginning of my career.

I’ve learned that while it’s important to make a budget, it’s much more important to stick to it.

I have this theory that there are two kinds of people in the world, spenders and savers, and I am certainly the former. Yet I am working on changing my ways which starts by making a budget and then sticking to it. Sure it isn’t fun to say no to happy hour, or a new necklace but saving for emergencies is an important cushion to have when you’re living on your own.

I’ve learned that working out is key.

While living in the city of Boston, I waked absolutely everywhere. The joke about walking up hill both ways was a reality for this Beacon Hill girl, so making the switch from running and walking outside to the gym hasn’t been the easiest. But, whatever you do, get moving! It helps your mood, and I always feel much more accomplished after breaking a sweat at the gym!

I’ve learned that snail mail is a wonderful thing. 

Social media is great, but there is something so wonderful about getting a letter in the mail that isn’t a bill. Plus postcards are less than a dollar so get the stamps ready!

I’ve learned that it’s ok to feel lost.

I would be lying if I said this past year has been easy. There have been nights I have felt so homesick, that it would hurt. I had moments of self doubt where I would question myself, and that is completely normal. No one is expected to have everything figured out by the age of 23.

And lastly, I’ve learned that the best days of your life are behind you only if you want them to be. 

My college years were four wonderful years packed with memories, friendships and life lessons, but I couldn’t imagine myself reliving those years in the past 365 days. As you move on to your next phase in the “Real World”, whether it be freelancing, graduate school or a full or part time job, never stop dreaming. Order a subscription to the local paper, read a new book each month, pick up a new hobby, sell everything you learn on EBAY and join the circus if you want, but try and learn as much as you can.


Now is the time to seize the day, or seize the night, and never stop dreaming.

Xoxo Mary Cate

New Season New ‘Do

1511016_233052193560441_247593024776601152_nWhen I was in middle school, I begged my parents for highlights. I wanted bright caramel highlights just like a girl in my homeroom. Unfortunately, they said no, and for that I’m thankful because I’m sure that hairstyle would not have been the best for my dark hair. Today I took the jump and decided to dye my hair a bit lighter for the Summer!


I have a really wonderful hair stylist, and am excited for warmer weather, days by the river and crop tops! (Also this photo is a throwback to the time I walked out of my Boston apartment and found this pretty flower on the ground!)

May Wishlist


*Get the pieces*

After surviving my first North Dakota winter I have been dreaming of denim cut offs and sunny days. Unfortunately today is May fourth, and I am wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea. So much for a North Dakota spring.

In the mean time I’ll just continue to window shop online to start planning what I need for the warmer weather that is (hopefully!) on the way.

Spring Snapshots

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.- Doug Larson

photo 1

A North Dakota spring is an interesting thing. It can be warm and sunny one day, and gray and blustery the next. What helps to get me through the crazy weather and work days are wonderful friends and great adventures. This week I had so much fun trying a new spot downtown. Humpback Sally’s has small plates which is perfect when you want to try a little bit of everything!

photo 3They also had this drink called a Smith and Curran, or Smith and Kearn, which is a North Dakota drink that tastes just like an adult version of chocolate milk! The cute straws helped make this drink one of my favorites!photo 2I was also lucky enough to have to have my best friend by my side these past few days! I love it when the boyfriend can come and visit. photo 4The days went too fast as always and here I am starting a new week. But that’s the beauty of spring, blossoming each morning to face the tasks and triumphs of the day.

xoxo Mary Cate